About Me

Above all else, I am a gamer. Video games, board games, card games, it doesn't matter to me, I just love to play. Beyond gaming, I have experience in software development and product management, and I like to work in a role where I can wear many hats. In my free time, I am an athlete, a mathematician, and someitmes a musician. I've debated starting a blog several times, but never really felt it was the move for me.

Computer Programming Skills

I believe in strong fundamental programming skills. I am fluent in C/C++, along with many of it's dialects, such as Objective-C and Arduino-C. I am also fluent with Python, Javascript. I also know a thing or two about CSS, but it's really not my strong suit. I'm also pretty good with web backends and infrastructure (anything from NodeJS to Nginx. Not a huge jump alphabetically, but you get the point). Recently, I've been playing with GoLang as well. I also see programming as a tool to do creative work, wether it's data mining, design work, or something else

A full copy of my resume can be found here. I make no claims about how recently I've updated it

C / C++
Native Mobile Development
Javascript / React
Product Management


I received my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Science at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, South Dakota. I also completed a Minor of Mathematics. I spent my spring 2016 semester studying in Reading, England because I felt like it.

My coursework primarily focused on discrete and abstract mathematics, algorithms, software engineering, computer security, operating systems, and compilers. In my free time I worked on my Javascript-Fu and website skills, from backend workt to Sys-Admin stuff to front-end pretty-fication.

As extra-curricular activities, I held leadership positions in multiple societies, specifically I was the starting AD Carry for the SDSMT eSports Association League of Legends Team, and the Vice President for the SDSMT Chapter of the ACM for 2016. I was also nominated for and accepted into the SDSMT Computer Science Department Leadership Hall of Fame

Before uni I studied at Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado.

Activities and Interests

I am at heart a gamer. I love League of Legends, table-top gaming (specifically DND 5e and Cthulhu), RPGs, rogue-likes, or emulated classics. I follow eSports quite closely, although I have no favourite team. I also enjoy going to a nice Biergarten, practicing/learning languages, or biking about. I'm also a spikeball player, and if we get in contact, I'll probably try to convince you to play it sometime.

I am a musician, playing piano and drums, with several years of experience on both instruments. Academically, I am very interested higher mathematics and applying it to computer science and game theory. Furthermore, I am eager to learn about linguistics, literature, and history.

Currently I am working on a few personal projects, not the least of which is this very website. Eventually I'll add a projects page, but for now you can see what I've been up to on my github account.